Andrés Danza / Ernesto Tulbovitz

A Black Sheep Comes to Power
(Una oveja negra al poder)

Biographies and Personalities

Publisher: Debate

Publish date: 05-01-2015


ISBN: 9789974723801

His path to power and his arrival, how he experienced it, the conflicts over his credo and protocol, his meetings with figures such as Obama, Fidel Castro, Putin and Chávez, the loneliness of sometimes feeling out of your element. All of it is told by Pepe Mujica himself, and by many witnesses at a dizzying pace that gets the reader involved from the very first page. This book was compiled out of more than 100 hours of both public and private conversations showing the man behind the image, who confesses that he has always felt like a «black sheep.»

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