Rosa Grau

A Handful of Friends and Two Cherries
(Un puñado de amigos y dos cerezas)

Publisher: Suma de Letras

Publish date: 09-08-2016


ISBN: 9788483658925

A group of old friends get together one weekend at a beach house and realize that a teenage love is still very much alive.

Two nightmares have plagued Crisi over the last few years of her life: her first sexual relationship, fourteen years ago; and when her business partner left with all the company’s money. Now one of her nightmares shows up in real life: John, the attractive Irishman she’s been thinking about over the years, reappears at a reunion of old friends on the beach. Perhaps it is the moment to relive old memories and heal wounds. But is Crisi willing to spend the weekend with her teenage boyfriend and his uptight girlfriend?

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