Marta Romagosa

All the Names for Desire
(Tots els noms del desig)

Commercial Fiction


ISBN: 9788416430505

All the Names for Desire collects more than twenty short stories that each have a woman’s name as their title (Elisenda, Montse, Ester…) all with something in common : desire. The protagonists, modern and energetic women, move about Barcelona trying to satisfy their most secret desires.

Sílvia, Montse, Elena, Mònica, Eva… All these characters, besides being women, have something else in common; they all feel, live, dream, suffer, have fun, think, act… And all, no matter who or how old they are, have desires. Some want to be kissed, others don’t want to fall into their own oblivion, but all of them, without exception, truly want to live.

In these unique stories written with intelligence and a sense of humor, readers get to know the characters and follow them on their journeys thanks to the personalized narrative and the sensual and intimate perspective of Marta Romagosa. And maybe readers will even be able to uncover some of their own desires…

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