Cristina López Barrio

Land of Mists
(Tierra de brumas)

Commercial Fiction

Publish date: 09-03-2015


ISBN: 9788401015373

When Valentina Olivera is orphaned at twelve years old, she is forced to leave her native Havana and go to her ancestral Galicia, where she is taken in by her grandmother, Bruna Mencía, the Marchioness of Novoa. Bruna raises her to become the heiress to the dynasty. Valentina will learn the history of her family and how the feral lineage of the Lobeira women, raised in the wild, joined the aristocratic Novoa dynasty. The stories of love and power in both families will mark Valentina’s destiny. A saga of ladies and sorceresses, of queens and she-wolves, of red blood and blue blood, family, ambition, love and death.

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