We Need To Talk
(Tenemos que hablar)

Graphic Novel

Publisher: Lumen


ISBN: 9788426404015

Tute is the torchbearer of a new generation of cartoonists, among the finest in all of Latin America, as was his father, Caloi, before him.


With a sense of humor that’s subtle, intelligent, incisive… but also harsh, Tute depicts falling in love, heartbreak and the relationships in between, with his characteristic sensitivity and simplicity.


It’s surprising the ease with which he makes us smile or laugh about such important yet such ordinary subjects as relationships and love: the fear of being rejected, the monotony, the indecision, the first girl or boyfriend, conformity in couples… With irony and wit, he touches on every stage of love, from childhood to old age.


The brutal honesty between his different characters is the common thread that links all of the mini-stories, which begin and end in a single cartoon frame.

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