Estel Solé

If I Can’t Fly
(Si no puc volar)

Commercial Fiction


ISBN: 9788416430062

A love story about human relationships and how the theater can be a mirror allowing us to know ourselves better, and helping us make some important decisions.
Ànnia is about to turn forty. Recently fired from her job as a journalist, she is currently walking her
snobbish neighbors’ dogs for a living. She is slowly gaining weight and she still wears animal print
underwear as if she were a teenager. Her life is a complete mess.

After getting divorced because of her infertility issues, she moves in with her grandfather: the only
man with whom she could truly live. During the move, she discovers her ex-husband’s best kept
secret in one of the boxes, a lie that lasted the duration of their marriage.

But today is Saturday and she’s getting together with her friends to have a cookout and go to the
theater to see Companion Animals. The performance has a transformative effect on them all, especially Ànnia and Max, Annia´s best friend, who’s come back from London to confess to her
that he needs her by his side, like a companion animal.

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