Pamela Palenciano / Iván Larreynaga

If It's Love, It Doesn't Hurt
(Si es amor, no duele (Colección #BlackBirds))

Children and Young Adult

Publish date: 05-11-2017


ISBN: 9788420486239

Sexism and domestic violence explained first-hand by Pamela Palenciano.

Pamela Palenciano lived through an abusive relationship in her adolescence. If It’s Love, It Doesn’t Hurt documents the author’s experience as she shares a fresh and clever perspective that analyzes the idea of romantic love and how gender roles affect us in depth.


A comedic but accurate look at all the relationships we have in our lives and how they are built and endured. The book tries to leave the dangerous notion of romantic love behind and create a new, fairer awareness of relationships between young people.


Direct, comical and with a realistic sensibility towards teenagers, Pamela Palenciano captures her experience of abuse and domestic violence.


An entertaining and informative book, based on first-hand experience, which deals with a key issue in our society: abuse and domestic violence.

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