Fabricio Ballarini


Literary Non-Fiction

Publisher: Debate

Publish date: 11-03-2016


ISBN: 9788499927183

Can we manipulate our memories? How does memory function, the importance of the surprise factor, and why we remember what we remember and forget what we forget.


Ballarini’s research shows how the latest scientific discoveries can help us improve our memory. It explains the advances made in learning methods, helping us understand how we can put them into practice. Readers will learn how to teach their brains, including exercises to train their minds, and experiments they can try at home, work, or school, without having to go to a neuroscience lab.


Can we manipulate what to recall? Why do we remember what we were doing the day the Twin Towers fell, but sometimes struggle to recall something we did just minutes ago? Is it possible for our brain to trick us and make us believe false memories?

Is there any way to ensure that a memory is efficiently registered?

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