Laura Gutman

What Happened to Us as Children and What We've Done with That
(Qué nos pasó cuando fuimos niños y qué hicimos con eso)


Publisher: Sudamericana

Publish date: 03-01-2016


ISBN: 9789500754606

This book reveals how certain emotional and psychic imbalances are formed based on feelings of maternal abandonment and lack of love, and explains how to revert them.


Here the author describes the psychic damage (fears, obsessions, anxieties) that can be caused by childhood experiences of neglect, and how we can seek out mechanisms of emotional survival in order to ease them.

Written in a simple, accessible style, the author invites us to look objectively at what happened in our childhood while trying to focus on the events and circumstances as they really occurred. She also suggests investigating our mothers’ emotional imbalances and the consequences they had on us when we were still dependent on them.

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