Fernando Ónega

Spain, what happened to us?
(Qué nos ha pasado, España)

Commercial Non-Fiction


ISBN: 9788401017513

A political, personal and emotive memory of 40 years of democracy in Spain.


If Franco thought he had left everything all tied up so that his regime continued further than he did, between January and June of 1977, the Spanish people were slowly but relentlessly undoing the knots that bound them to the past and freeing themselves from the tight straightjacket they had worn for over forty years. The process was full of tension and uncertainty, with the end of the National Movement and the legalization of the Communist Party, having its first big milestone on 15th June 1977, the day when the Spanish people went to the ballots for the first time since 1936 to choose their members of parliament.


On the 40th anniversary of these elections, the generation born under democracy has put almost all aspects of the Transition’s success into question: everything from the role of the monarchy in the constitutional legislation, to the organization of the autonomous communities, the electoral system and the parties themselves. Fernando Ónega analyses the highlights and lowlights of this era as he looks into this past, from the present, to find answers about Spain’s future.

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