Jack Mendoza / Puño

Phil and the Fart Storm. A tale about digestion
(Phil y la tormenta flatulenta (Aventuras en Body Town. Primeras lecturas))

Infant and Toddler

Publish date: 10-05-2017


ISBN: 9788448848798

Welcome to BodyTown, the place where cells, bacteria and viruses become heroes and villains.

The human body is like a city where millions of tiny beings live together. Each one of them does a different job so that everything works properly: there are cooks, policemen, transporters… But, careful, there are also intruders and criminals who will put your health to test.

When Phil enters the large intestine, he becomes extremely concerned about the millions of bacteria running around. His first impulse is to try and get rid of them all, until he meets Treg, a pacific lymphocyte who teaches him about the philosophy of coexistence: live and let the bacteria live. But everything becomes complicated when Scary, an evil bacteria, invades Bodytown and causes diarrhea.

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