Jack Mendoza / Puño

Phil and the Attack of the Cocos (Adventures in Bodytown)
(Phil y el Ataque de los Cocos (Aventuras en Body Town. Primeras lecturas))

Children and Young Adult


ISBN: 9788448848224

Each book in the collection is a journey under Camila’s skin, where cells, bacteria and viruses become heroes and villains. Their unforgettable adventures show readers how the human body works. The creatures that live inside our bodies come to life in stories crafted by a team of both scientists and creatives.


Welcome to BodyTown, where millions of microorganisms all live together under one roof!


The human body is like an enormous city where loads of tiny beings live together. Each one of them does a different job so that everything can function correctly: there are cooks, police, drivers… But watch out! There are also intruders and criminals that will test your healthiness! Thank goodness there’s Phil to fight them off!


In this adventure, Phil, a basophil, will have to fight against the cocos, a type of bacteria, to avoid Camila getting tooth decay after the torrent of sugar from the birthday cake her grandma gave her.


Experience a fascinating adventure inside the human body!




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