Myriam Sayalero

Dark Like My Heart (BlackBirds Collection)
(Oscuro como mi corazón (Colección #BlackBirds))

Children and Young Adult

Publisher: Alfaguara


ISBN: 9788420485805

A book that reminds us that we all have monsters chasing us, but that we are never alone when it’s time to confront them.

Dark Like My Heart is a journey through anxiety, depression, helplessness, grief and those monsters that live inside of us. We must learn to coexist with them or fight against them. In this book, readers will be introduced to a series of young people with something in common: they all have a dark, painful side. Each of them, in their own way, discovers that we all go through terrible moments, and we all have to face mental and emotional challenges, and even when you feel like you’re all alone, you aren’t really. There is always an answer waiting somewhere…

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