Alejandro Ordóñez

I Hope You Fall in Love
(Ojalá te enamores)

Young Adult Literature

Publisher: Nube de Tinta

Publish date: 04-06-2017


ISBN: 9788416588213

I Hope You Fall in Love is a poetic and intimate book about life, feelings and the sweetest desires that we all hide deep inside ourselves.

Smile, because life is not as bad as you think, tomorrow not as far off as you think, nor the future as dark. Smile, because you have one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. Smile, because the world needs it. Yes, smile for others, as it will do you good. Smile for everyone, smile for me.

 An optimistic book that unites the wisdom of new trends with self-help and emotional learning and a touch of the romantic and aspirational, like Federico Moccia and Blue Jeans.

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