Nour Esam Zeyddan

Nour: The Real Story of a Refugee Girl
(Nour: La historia real de una niña refugiada)

Children and Young Adult

Publisher: Montena

Publish date: 06-08-2017


ISBN: 9788416588411

An autobiographical story on the reality of the refugees as told through the eyes of a Libyan girl who managed, with her family, to integrate herself in Spain.

My name is Nour, and this is the story of my journey.

A journey that starts in Libya, where I was born, in the spring that, instead of flowers, only bombs blossomed.

I have seen things that no child should see. I have lived things that no child should live. I have known fear, sadness and yearning.

But now I am here to tell the story.

My name is Nour and I am fifteen years old.

In Arabic, my mother tongue, my name means light.

And this is the story of how they stole my childhood and left me with no other option than to undertake this journey so that they could not extinguish the light in my future.

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