Laura Mavor

You're Not What I'm Looking For
(No eres lo que busco)

Commercial Fiction

Publisher: Plaza & Janés


ISBN: 9788401018923

The number- one dating app can turn into the vehicle for a murderer to commit a series of horrible crimes, in a perfectly structured detective thriller that’s a lightning-fast read 

In a small city on the coast of Castellón, where nothing ever happens, a middle-aged writer gets together with a young man through Finder, the most popular cell phone dating app on the market. When she arrives at the man’s house, she finds him dead. Lieutenant Miranda Vega, an experienced member of the civil guard with a caustic sense of humor, and her new partner, Sergeant Christian Ballesteros, a naive rookie with a good heart, will head up the investigation of the young man’s murder, revealing a sordid world of mafia interests, religious fundamentalism and sexual perversion in what—up until then—had been a calm tourist destination.

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