Ana Burgos / Blanca Bk / Cristina Quiles / Magela Ronda / Ana Zurita

Mini Bedtime Stories Starring Cows and Gira!es
(Minicuentos de vacas y jirafas para ir a dormir)

Children and Young Adult

Publish date: 10-04-2012


ISBN: 9788448833688

A delightful collection of books starring animals. Seven short stories per book, to read at bedtime, with full-color, two-page illustrations, and short simple texts, perfect for very little children. At bedtime, there is nothing better than these very short stories.

They help young children to fall asleep and improve their reading skills. If they are still too young to read, these MINICUENTOS are the perfect excuse for having Mommy and Daddy stay a little bit longer by their side. The youngest members of the family will have fun and learn with the adventures of fleecy sheep, downy chicks, mighty dragons, busy bees and much more! Seven simple, sweet and cute stories with rhymes and beautiful drawings.

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