Rocío Bonilla

My Alien Friend
(Mi amigo extraterrestre)

Children and Young Adult

Publish date: 04-06-2017


ISBN: 9788448847838

My Alien Friend is a delightful, tender and humorous illustrated tale. A story about empathy, the capacity for self-criticism and nonconformity that wants to help form young readers’ self-awareness in their own way.


An extraterrestrial boy arrives at Tomás’s school as an exchange student. The experiences they share lead to some very amusing situations, while highlighting the different perspectives of their two cultures. The alien is surprised by some of the behavior he sees on Earth. Like one day at recess when an older boy bullies a younger one into taking out his sandwich, and that day when Tomas’s friends laughed at one of their classmates for playing with girls. The alien asks Tomas about this strange behavior. Why this? Why that? That’s the way things have always been, it’s not Tomás’s fault! Why does his friend ask so many questions? He’s beginning to wish he would just go back to his planet! Although… couldn’t Tomás change things if he put his mind to it?

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