Inma López Silva

Every day was the same
(Los días iguales de cuando fuimos malas)

Upmarket women's fiction


ISBN: 9788426403414

Five women. Five interwoven stories of their time spent in prison. A narrative pacing, similar to that used in TV series: increasingly valued and enjoyed by contemporary readers


A nun who stole children, a whore disowned by her family, a Colombian woman sentenced for drug trafficking and a prison guard who wanted to be a dancer have something in common with Inma, the protagonist: the experience of prison and the unhappiness caused by those who pushed them to make the mistakes they did.

There they are: chatting in the yard or lining up in the dining room. Different women come and go because prison is a transitory place, where routine and memories of an unfortunate past maintain an imposing presence.

They seem just inmates, living each day the same. It takes a closer look to discover their splendid uniqueness.

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