Lázaro González Pérez de Tormes

Lazarillo Z
(Lazarillo Z)

Graphic Novel

Publisher: Debolsillo

Publish date: 01-08-2010


ISBN: 9788499082974

The true story of Lázaro de Tormes: a first-person account of one of the main figures in

the fight against the zombie plague that devastated Spain in the 16th century.

A book that brings new meaning to the expression «take a bite out of life.»


What led to the decline of the greatest empire this planet has ever known? Why has it been kept

from us –until now—that there was an epidemic of the living dead that ravaged Spain, a country

crawling with souls from beyond the grave?


Now, in the 21st century, a mysterious man who seems to have come from the past once again

faces the plague of zombies that devastated Spain in the 16th century. Could it be that Lázaro

de Tormes, the most famous character of Spanish literature’s picaresque genre, is an immortal?

Until now we have only known about part of his life, but in this book his bloody past, everything

they never taught you in school, is fully revealed. We present here, finally, the true story of

Lázaro de Tormes, told in his own words. From how he learned the secret laws of nature –the

resurrection of corpses—to how a mysterious bloodsucking maiden fell in love with him, and

how our little hero enlisted in a strange paranormal squadron to fight against the hordes of

demons that had come back to life.

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