Christian Gálvez

The Da Vinci Gang 1: The Magical Sneakers
(El pequeño Leo Da Vinci 1. Las deportivas mágicas)

Children and Young Adult

Publish date: 10-08-2014


ISBN: 9788420417721

Leo and his friends Miguel Ángel and Lisa make up the Da Vinci Gang and have great adventures solving mysteries! Leo Da Vinci is an 8 year old kid who lives in Florence, Italy with his grandparents. He is always inventing new machines, but what he loves most is to hang out with the gang and look for new adventures! These colorful books are filled with lots of fun and friendship, striking a perfect balance between fiction and non-fiction.

Leo, Lisa and Miguel Ángel’s soccer team always wins… because Boti has magical sneakers that allow him to score every time! But, one day the sneakers lose their powers! Leo and his gang will have to use all their wit to try to get them back!

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