Irene Cívico / Sergio Parra

Warrior Women
(Las chicas son guerreras)

Children and Young Adult

Publish date: 11-10-2016


ISBN: 9788490436547

Discover 25 rebellious women of history who changed the world, proving that girls are true warriors!

With a convivial, entertaining text and original illustrations, this magnificent book showcases 25 different girls who have succeeded in a world dominated by men. We have geeks like Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron who invented computer programming; and Ángela Ruiz-Robles, a teacher who was ahead of her time and invented what became the ebook; brilliant girls such as Marie Curie, the inventor of the X-ray; women you don’t mess around with like Rosa Parks, the African-American who challenged racist laws and became a role model; travelers like Nellie Bly, the first woman to go around the world (faster than Phileas Fogg’s eighty days!) and of course artists such as Virginia Woolf, Susan Sontag and Mary Shelley, the mother of Frankenstein.


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