Joseph Michael Brennan

The Ashes of the Oath
(Las cenizas del Juramento (Memorias del Juramento 1))

Children and Young Adult

Publish date: 05-01-2016


ISBN: 9789568474515

An epic novel full of battles, mystery and adventure.


In the High City, the winter is relentless. The icy wind is demolishing the trees and the snow is killing even the strongest of animals. There lives Tahmuz, a young orphan whose mysterious guardian, Doenal, refuses to tell him anything about the details of the young boy’s past and where he comes from.


The peaceful existence that they both lead in the City suddenly changes when Tarian knocks on their door. He’s the grandson of the dying Prince Larias and is being chased by a fearsome assassin.


The three of them will undertake a difficult journey to save themselves and also win back the esteem of an ancient line of masters, the warriors of the Oath, who are now fighting their worst enemy, the Court of Warriors of General Galkirion and a terrifying murderous Beast that is controlled by him.

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