Enfermera saturada

All the Ward's a Stage
(La vida es suero)

Commercial Non-Fiction


ISBN: 9788401347283

A nurse’s day-to-day experiences told with a fabulous sense of humor. A popular blog that became a selfpublished hit.

Have you ever wondered if size matters in bandages? Or where the urban legend about air bubbles in the metro line comes from? If you are convinced that the person who invented those huge pills was a sadist, if you cannot stand ladies telling you which vein is best, if you firmly believe that a work environment where basically everyone is in pajamas is not proper, and if you have ever caught yourself staring at someone’s veins on the metro, then this is the book for you. Welcome to the world of the Overworked Nurse, injecting humor into hospital situations. A world where the everyday madness is tempered by comedy —sometimes black and always witty— but where reality always exceeds fiction.

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