Adriana González Márquez

The Union (The Power of the Black Onyx #3)
(La unión (Los dominios del Ónix Negro 3))

Children and Young Adult


ISBN: 9786073122092

In her dreams she crosses the limits of reality, saves the world and finds love. And what if they weren’t dreams?

Vanessa, a 17-year-old girl, has the ability to travel to an alternative world called Black Onyx. She does not know that she is the only hope for the residents of both Onyx and of our world. The prophecies state that Vanessa is the chosen one to save both worlds from the enemy, Arématis. In Onyx she meets Erick, who has sworn to protect Vanessa, and who will fall deeply in love with her. How will Vanessa balance the two worlds she is a part of, her love interests and the need to defeat the fearsome Arématis?

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