Mónica G. Prieto / Javier Espinosa

The Seed of Hatred
(La semilla del odio)

Commercial Non-Fiction


ISBN: 9788499927466

The illegal invasion of Bagdad in 2003 and the following misgovernment had the people of Iraq up in arms, but also revived the sectarian hatred that was buried during Sadam Hussein’s dictatorship. The Shiite majority’s rise to power, repressed by the Sunni minority for decades, and the invaders’ supposed impunity stoked the flame of a nationalist insurgence, who in their fight against foreign forces formed alliances with jihadists, who themselves are more inclined to spread terror with suicide bombings.

Javier Espinosa and Mónica G. Prieto carry out an exhaustive review of a decade in Iraq, one of the most troubled areas of the world, as they reconstruct, through intense and heart-rending reports, the steps that led to a whole region being held hostage by Iraq’s Islamic State, the origin of ISIS.

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