Jaime Durán Barba / Santiago Nieto

Politics in the 21st Century: Art, Myth or Science?
(La política en el siglo XXI)

Commercial Non-Fiction

Publish date: 06-01-2017


ISBN: 9789873752735

Jaime Durán Barba and Santiago Nieto have been surprisingly successful across Latin America with their provocative and innovative election campaigns. Always far from being politically correct, this book analyses the changes that society has undergone to help us understand this new era. They explain why the traditional system has collapsed and why to make it in politics you need to get past the myths and not fall into the traps of outdated analysis and obsolete models.


They argue that politics is suffering a representational crisis, as the power that voters usually wield is curated through their mobile phones in this era of technological revolution and of historical awareness. They debunk the myth that the electorate is obedient and easily manipulated and the lies and prejudices of a lot of traditional politicians who don’t understand that public opinion is uncontrollable.


After more than thirty years orchestrating electoral and governmental media campaigns, Durán Barba and Nieto have changed the way of interpreting the relationship between voters and politics. With a mix of theories from contrasting schools of thought, solid evidence and full of juicy anecdotes gathered from their time on the battle field over the last few years, Politics in the 21st Century is a must-read and an essential book to understand the times we live in.

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