Luciano Lamberti

The Eucaliptus House
(La casa de los eucaliptus)

Literary Fiction

Publish date: 08-01-2017


ISBN: 9789873987731

The Eucaliptus House is a collection of 12 mysterious, dark and thorny short stories. Inlcuded are:

Internal Tracks: The protagonist, Eduardo, is a rural doctor who receives a call to attend to a patient in his childhood hometown, which he hasn’t gone back to in twenty years.


The Eucaliptus House: Renato is a high school teacher and receives a ‘guest’ who tells him that he has to kill people.


Boys of the Night: Two skateboarders dream of finding the perfect skate park and end up discovering a group of vampires who want to eat them.


The Eternal Spirit: The protagonist has been elected president and meets with the outgoing president who tells him that he needs to trust in the Eternal Spirit.


Eddie: A disturbing monologue of a crazy man who talks to himself and shares what he is going to do in a few hours’ time: take a gun to class and shoot his classmates and teachers.

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