Ana Punset / Lucía Serrano

The House of Letters
(La casa de las letras)

Children and Young Adult

Publish date: 10-09-2014


ISBN: 9788448837167

The whole alphabet lives in the house of letters. There’s the letter M, who loves motorbikes, and the letter C, who’s a chatterbox.They all live in the same building, the wildest and most fun spot in town! With this book, kids will learn their ABCs through amusing, delightful short stories about each letter of the alphabet, accompanied by colorful and engaging illustrations.

Letter B is a ballet instructor. She owns a tutu in every color, but her favorite is the blue one because when she wears it she looks like a floating bubble. During class, her students watch B and pay close attention to her movements. She leaps and twirls, her tutu spinning around her. «Dancing ballet is so tiring!» complains the littlest b. And because she is hungry, the littlest b hides and eats her bacon sandwich.

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