Karen Chacek

The Fall of the Birds
(La caída de los pajaros)

Literary Fiction

Publish date: 06-01-2014


ISBN: 9786071132741

One fine day every bird in the city crashes into a window and all the children fall into a sleep so deep that they cannot be awoken. From that moment on, Violeta, the only survivor, hears the voice of a little girl in her head. The Bird Maker, a comic-book artist whom Violeta has always admired, tells her that she is the link between two worlds: the real world and the one where the children are kept asleep. So Violeta begins her search to rescue them, fully aware that when she does she will witness the rebirth of the world. La caída de los pájaros is as hallucinatory as it is metaphorical, and traces a path of hope in a selfish, waning era.

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