Roberto Fuentes


Children and Young Adult

Publisher: Nube de Tinta

Publish date: 04-01-2017

ISBN: 9789569476228

The intergalactic traveller that enchanted Germán in Estrella is back

Estrella the intergalactic traveller is back in this new novel, but this time her name is Luna and she has returned to Earth with a mission: accompany the sweet Küyen during a complicated stage of adolescence, when her parents are divorcing, she is questioning her religion, she is attracted by a classmate and she is being bullied by Carlos, a boy who lives in the wealthy part of town where her mother works.

Küyen takes on themes that are relevant and that are especially pertinent during adolescence: the sense of belonging, the search for one’s origins, questioning of identity, the first romantic experiences and the discovery of the deep value of friendship.

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