Sara Cano

Artificial Idiocy (The Sixth Grade War #3)
((Inteligencia) Imbecilidad artificial (Serie La guerra de 6ºA 3))

Children and Young Adult

Publisher: Alfaguara


ISBN: 9788420485485

After returning from Gametron and having beaten Hugo again, the students of Class 6A come back to school victorious… where something new is waiting for them. Their class impressed the Gametron organizers so much that they offered the school a test pilot of a virtual teacher.

At first, they’re all delighted but soon Inés will realize that the software is brainwashing her friends, making them all behave themselves and think in the same way. She has no choice but to form an alliance with Hugo to fight against the computer… Suddenly the school becomes a dystopian dictatorship of artificial intelligence and the sixth grade students will have to unite in the fight against the machines.

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