Rubén Orozco

The Misfortunes of the Infinite Monkey
(Infortunios del mono infinito)

Literary Fiction

Publisher: Random House

Publish date: 06-01-2016


ISBN: 9789588979038

A man loses his memory when his wife, in a fit of jealousy, castrates him; leaving him with no past, and thus no future. Lucid, profound, witty and comic.


The man has no memories of his life up to that point, not even of the traumatic episode. Determined to figure out his past—after various failed attempts—he enlists the help of P.G. Spiegel, an eighty-year-old psychologist who devoted his career to studying various disorders, and who manages to discover the tragic event that caused the amnesia.


Their doctor-patient relationship is an attempt to understand each of their stories. Spiegel is an Auschwitz survivor who transformed fears—his own and others’—into the axis of his career. The castrated man lives in anguish as he faces the difficulty of enjoying his present and his future without a past, so he writes a book in order to leave a legacy.

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