Ricard Zaplana Ruiz / Amaia Cia Abascal

There's a Cow In the Fridge
(Hay una vaca en la nevera)

Children and Young Adult


ISBN: 9788448841942

A fun, original story that takes humor to daily life. Why is there a cow in the fridge? It sounds like a joke, but the day my mom opened the fridge and found a cow placidly sleeping in there… everything got a bit messy!

On Sunday morning, I woke up to my mom yelling from the kitchen: «WHO PUT A COW IN THE FRIDGE?» It barely took me two seconds to jump out of bed. My mom was shouting non-stop. She had burned the toast, the jar of apricot jam was smashed to pieces on the floor, and lots of steam was coming from the coffee maker. And in the middle of such a mess, calmly sleeping on the haddock cake and squashing everything else, there was a huge cow in our fridge.

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