Catalina Estrada

Natural force
(Fuerza Natural (Libro de colorear para adultos))

Coloring book

Publisher: Plaza & Janés

Publish date: 11-10-2016


ISBN: 9788401018176

Embark on a creative journey through the exotic landscape of Catalina Estrada’s imaginary, which colors the rhythm of the Natural Force.
As you go through the pages of this wonderful coloring book by the internationally acclaimed illustrator, you can give free rein to the artist you carry inside, at any given age. Enter into the heart of this original tropical universe. Discover the exuberant symphony of leaves, flowers, crickets, hummingbirds and jaguars. Follow your inspiration. A unifying thread of visual and aesthetic coherence that makes the book an adventure and an experience unto itself. Catalina’s dense universe of geometric shapes, organic silhouettes and marvelous animals, which you can fill with your own colors to create your very own cosmos.

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