María Hesse

Frida Kahlo: A Biography
(Frida Kahlo. Una biografía)


Publisher: Lumen


ISBN: 9788426403438

Frida Kahlo was more than pain and anguish. Not content in the shadow of Diego Rivera and his overwhelming personality, she instead became a vital artist herself. Her painting is celebration, color, blood and life. She was a fighter, a passionate woman determined to live both her misfortunes and her joys with intensity. Her figure still keeps a great interest for all the publics.


This book is an illustrated journey through Frida Kahlo’s thrilling biography: from her childhood and the accident that would mark her personality and her artwork to her love for Diego Rivera and the strength with which she resisted being pigeonholed as a woman and just the lover of a great, famous artist. Accompanied with its magnificent illustrations, the book is itself an art object.

Illustrator María Hesse brings her unique, luminous vision to the life of a legendary figure in this beautiful, delicate graphic biography. Frida signed her last paintings with the phrase «Long Live Life!» revealing her courage and optimism despite her affirmation that «pain is not a part of life. It can become life itself.»

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