Roberto Fuentes


Children and Young Adult

Publish date: 03-01-2016

ISBN: 9789569476136

«Maybe Star is just too different. Even though being different is a marvelous thing, it also brings problems with it.»

Star is not just any girl: when she laughs, she infects everyone with her laugh that comes from space; she uses words that no other kid uses; and she says that she comes from another planet. Isn’t it lucky that a person just as special as her comes to live next to your house, and what’s more, invites you to share a bench with her at school?


In this moving and entertaining novel, Roberto Fuentes creates two compelling characters whose paths cross just at the right time. A book similar to Wonder, that both children and adults will love.


A touching story about friendship, the importance of being true to yourself and daring to live the life we dream of.

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