Sofía Rhei

Wait For Me On The Last Page
(Espérame en la última página)

Commercial Fiction

Publisher: Plaza & Janés


ISBN: 9788401018855

Being with the wrong person can make us feel like they’re something wrong with us, but we can get a second chance… we just have to find the right book.


After falling in love with the wrong person, Silvia discovers that literature can be the best medicine. A story where the main characters are books and bibliotherapy cures Sylvia of an addictive and tumultuous relationship. Masterfully written, it transmits the anguish of feeling trapped, but also the joy and tenderness of finally overcoming it.

Jeanne, Silvia’s best friend since childhood, convinces her to see a therapist who uses literature as a cure. This enthusiastic and enigmatic psychologist teaches her that all of the books on her shelves say something about her and her wrongheaded take on love.

However, Alain soon reappears in her life, destroying everything that Silvia had built. And Silvia falls for it, again and again. Will Silvia ever escape this painful loop? Will she find the answers in books?


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