Jo Bright / Isabel María Vílchez Miguel

The H Team and the Fairy Godmother
(Equipo H y el hada madrina (Equipo H. Primeras lecturas))

Infant and Toddler


ISBN: 9788448848484

Priscilla has asked the five friends to complete an extra practice with Elvina, a young fairy godmother with an astounding talent for spells. But, because of a curse, the poor thing turns everything upside down! This is a mission for Team H!

Fairies exist, and they are all around us. There are all kinds, but they all have one thing in common: EVERY SINGLE ONE went to the same boarding school when they were younger: the Wisteria School for Fairies. In the academy, the members of the H Team – Helena, Haiti, Heire, Hilda and Holly – discover that they are the heirs to the Great Power of Wisteria and they have the primary virtues of a fairy. They will be in charge of solving the problems that no other fairy is capable of solving.

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