Estanislao Bachrach


Business & Economics

Publisher: Conecta

Publish date: 06-04-2015


ISBN: 9788416029396

Our brain is like the hardware and our minds are like the software. This book aims to show us how to use our minds to change our brains.


Brain and mind are two very different things. Our brains are made up of neurons; our minds are the thoughts and emotions that run through it. Change is fragile, chaotic and complex, because the human mind tends to focus always on the same direction. We are constantly trying to change what make us unhappy. Sometimes we are so scared of failure that we quit halfway through or we do not even start. Why is it so diffi cult to change?


Bachrach shows us the keys to this change, such as living new experiences and paying them positive attention, setting coherent expectations for our desires of change, or learning to disregard thoughts, feelings, and old habits that are not useful anymore.

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