Isaac Palmiola

Elementary, my dear Catson
(Elemental, querido Gatson (Serie Perrock Holmes 3))

Children and Young Adult

Publisher: Montena

Publish date: 03-02-2017


ISBN: 9788490436288

When mystery knocks at your door, call Sherdog, Sherdog Holmes.

The detectives of the Mystery Club find themselves having to stay in a remote shelter on the side of a mountain. They are in the middle of nowhere without signal and WITHOUT INTERNET. But although it’s hard to believe, things soon turn interesting.

These are the facts: A few months before, a thief stole an armored truck and his several sacks full of money and gold bars in these mountains.

These are the clues: There isn’t any internet! How are they going to find clues and investigate?

Sounds like a case for Sherdog Holmes.

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