Patricia Lara Salive

Your Father’s Traces
(El rastro de tu padre)

Literary Fiction

Publish date: 03-01-2016


ISBN: 9789588948096

Your Father’s Traces profoundly explores the limits of motherly love. A fascinating novel from a journalist who is known for delving deeply into her subjects. 

Verónica de la Espriella had one, obsessive, absorbing love in her life. She gave everything to a married man, and got nothing in return. Tormented when the affair ends, she decides to live alone but wants to be a mother: so she has her daughter through artificial insemination. But things don’t work out exactly as she’d hoped.   Estrella grows up with immense love from Verónica, but without a father. And that absent shadow will lead her to distance herself from her mother and begin an incessant search for her roots.

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