David Domínguez / Henar Torinos de la Torre

Mikel Tube #1 The Dinotron Planet
(El planeta Dinodrón (Mikeltube))


Publish date: 04-05-2018


ISBN: 9788448849955

The new full-colour comic book series for middle grade readers.

Follow the adventures of Mikel and his little brother Leo and visit the world of the dinosaurs!
Mikel and Leo receive some toys with a brand name they don’t recognise. They start playing with them and are amazed to find that the toys have special powers. Without their parents finding out, they go through a dimensional portal that takes them to an alien planet populated by dinosaurs. To escape from these giant reptiles, they have to make use of their smarts, skills and their new toys’ special powers.
* Includes a section with jokes, riddles, challenges and activities at the end of the book.

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