Ethel Krauze

The Land of the Mandrakes
(El país de las mandrágoras)

Literary Fiction

Publish date: 03-01-2016


ISBN: 9786073140935

A social protest novel where the protagonist watches as her country goes to the dogs and no one seems to be able to stop it.

Tana West is a professor of literature at a university in Cuernavaca. She begins to receive instant messages between two of her former students: Gilda and Renata. Gilda is in love with Adrián and is searching for him desperately. Tana can also «hear» the thoughts of Adrián before, during and after his execution, and she learns how the two young women will get involved in a social struggle very similar to the one that came up around the disappearance of the 43 student teachers in Ayotzinapa.


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