Pedro Ample

The Book of Mr. Wonderfuck
(El libro de Mr. Wonderfuck)

Graphic Novel

Publisher: Plaza & Janés


ISBN: 9788401017629

Pedro Ample is among those who believe that the Holstee manifesto has done irreparable damage to humanity. Mr. Wonderfuck’s Book is an «anti-motivational» book that pokes fun at the trend of twee, saccharine maxims to brighten your day. Imitating the graphic style of other works intended to inspire with their banalities, Mr. Wonderfuck is a response to the growing phenomenon of Mr. Wonderful and other books that try to convince us that Mondays are fabulous and that putting on a smile will attract all good things into your life.

Mr. Wonderfuck’s Book portrays real life—with scathing catchphrases and hilarious drawings—and reveals how little real life has to do with the naive, drippy advice offered in so-called inspirational books. The phenomenon that got its start on social networks, with thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, is finally a book. It won’t just make you smile, it’ll make you cry with laughter.

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