Sergio S. Morán

The God Murdered In The Men's Toilets
(El dios asesinado en el servicio de caballeros)

Commercial Fiction

Publish date: 05-12-2016


ISBN: 9788415831860

A funny and mysterious underworld develops in Barcelona. Among common people with their ordinary lives, detective Veronica Guerra will try to avoid a war between gods. 

It says «you have the corpse of a god in your trunk» on the left arm of detective Veronica Guerra, alias «Parabellum.» She wrote it herself a few hours ago, but she can’t remember when or how. She doesn’t seem too worried about that: she’s a paranormal detective and not easily impressed by the cadaver of a murdered Greek god in her car. She’s seen stranger things.

The problem is that after that corpse comes a robbery, a network of drug traffickers, and two divine factions about to go to war in a soccer stadium in the middle of Barcelona. Veronica will have to face centaurs, paparazzi, vampires, soccer players, ghosts and leprechauns if she wants to solve the case.

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