Javier Castillo

The Day Love Was Lost
(El día que se perdió el amor)


Publisher: Suma de Letras

Publish date: 01-11-2018


ISBN: 9788491291732

Feelings and characters, too strong and real, trap and drown the reader in a spiral of suspense loaded with one of the purest love stories the genre has ever seen


After what happened in Boston, Jacob and Amanda try to build a life together in New York, but the appearance of an enormous spiral painted on the wall of their house erodes their hopes for the future.


A young woman, full of bruises, arrives naked at the FBI buildings in New York. The head of the criminology unit investigates what could be behind a yellowed note with the name of a woman who hours later appears decapitated in a field.


The investigation is submerged in a story of love and vengeance that is connected to the disappearance of a young girl years earlier, and whose whereabouts were never located.


The sequel of The Day Sanity Was Lost.

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