Albert Costa

The Bilingual Brain
(El cerebro bilingüe)

Literary Non-Fiction

Publisher: Debate

Publish date: 05-11-2017


ISBN: 9788499927657

A researcher at the world’s top universities explains the neuroscience behind how the human brain learns and processes language.


His investigations seek to understand one of the most fascinating aspects of cognitive science: language and how the bilingual experience sculpts the brain; using different techniques from experimental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and cognitive neuropsychology.


How does the human brain acquire a language? How do two languages coexist in the same brain and what are the implications of that coexistence? Bilingualism is fundamental to understanding how language functions. How do babies exposed to two languages differentiate between them? Are the learning pathways of bilingual babies different than those of monolingual ones? How are the two languages affected by a brain injury?

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