Álvaro Bisama

The Sorcerer
(El brujo)

Literary Fiction

Publisher: Alfaguara

Publish date: 08-01-2016


ISBN: 9789569583735

The whims of memory and the obstinate disruptions of landscape pervade the stories of missing parents and the sons that search for them in the midst of horror and crime


Haunted by the ghosts he has seen as a photojournalist, a photographer flees to the south, to Chiloé, amid the social unrest of the 1980s. With his lens he has captured the faces of a Chile subjugated by fear. His pictures reflect straightforward emotion, with no poetry involved. But this collective pain is also personal, and he finds his only option is to drop everything and take refuge in a place lost in time and surrounded by nature, where he can learn how to forget. Violence will nonetheless pursue him, and he will get trapped again by the images he believes he has left behind.

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