Jorge Coscia

The Bombardment
(El bombardeo)

Commercial Fiction

Publish date: 06-01-2015


ISBN: 9789500752633

Jorge Coscia writes about the most significant moments in the recent history of Argentina: the coup d’état bombardment that killed nearly 400 people in Plaza de Mayo on June 16, 1955. Drawing
from the documents of the period, he writes an extremely rich novel in both its political and narrative aspects. The story follows chronologically what happened before and during the  bombardment to dive into the privacy of Peron, his thoughts, his doubts and his memories of Evita. In El bombardeo are represented, and opposed, all the points of views, even within the same Peronism, or among the various military commanders. Interns in the Navy, industrialist monopolies, the Church, the social classes, the continental powers: all of them are subjects of political scrutiny. After Juan and Eva, Coscia surprises us with this exciting historical novel that can throw more light on different aspects of the socio-political development of Argentina.

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